Credit Card or Cheque

Prior to a deposit being refunded, the following form must be submitted. Please only submit after your rental. Deposits are returned 6-8 weeks after pick up and receipt of this form.

If your credit card number has changed, please request deposit to be returned by cheque. If you choose to receive a cheque, it will be sent to the billing address that was supplied when the order was made. Likewise, if you choose to refund the deposit on your credit card, we will refund the deposit on the same card that was supplied to us when the order was made.

Please note that cheques can only be delivered to Canadian addresses and that deposits can only be refunded to the person whose name is on the contract. 

Cleaning the Unit

Unplug and defrost the unit for 24 hours. Leave the door open while defrosting. Remove all water from the unit, including in the drip tray (located under the freezer- this is very important). Clean the inside and outside, including racks, crisper and the inside of the freezer, with a mild detergent. Ensure the unit is completely dry. All racks and crispers must be returned with the fridge. No stickers or drawings of any kind may be applied to the unit.

Student Info

Home Address

If you would like your cheque to be sent to a different address than the billing address you originally submitted when you made the order, please let us know here. Otherwise, you can leave this section blank.